Arleigh Williams Forum

The Order hosts one event per year that is open to the general public: the Arleigh Williams Forum. The event is traditionally held the Friday of Homecoming Week and features a prominent campus speaker who speaks to attendees about the speaker’s sector of the campus and then generally takes questions from the audience. It is a chance for the Order to share with the general campus community its mission of creating a safe space to discuss difficult issues facing the campus.

In the early 1930’s, a young man named Arleigh Williams came to Cal. Here, he played on both the baseball and football teams. As a student, one of his greatest achievements was a 72 yard field goal against USC. However, his legacy today focuses on his career following his time as a student. From the late 1950’s to the late 1970’s, he served as the Dean of Men, Dean of Students, and Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. This was a tumultuous time for our University, state, and country, and Mr. Williams became a central point on the campus. He was known for always having his door open and encouraging honest and frank discussion. Students and faculty would find themselves in his office daily - sharing their perspectives and insight on anything and everything. Today, we honor Arleigh Williams’s service by following in his example. In an effort to make Mr. Williams's legacy proud, this forum is designed to be frank and honest and both inform and inspire the audience and our community.