Arleigh Williams Forum

The Order hosts one event per year that is open to the general public: the Arleigh Williams Forum. The event is traditionally held the Friday of Homecoming Week and features a prominent campus speaker who speaks to attendees about the speaker’s sector of the campus and then generally takes questions from the audience. It is a chance for the Order to share with the general campus community its mission of creating a safe space to discuss difficult issues facing the campus.

The event is held in the memory of Arleigh Williams, a standout Cal football player, veteran of the U.S. Navy, and later a University administrator. As an administrator in the A.S.U.C., as the Dean of Men during the tumultuous Free Speech Movement period, and later as Dean of Students and Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Mr. Williams regularly opened his doors to students, faculty members, and other members of the campus community to engage in open dialogue about University affairs. He was deeply committed to a student-centric philosophy in which student leadership through experience, engagement, and action built independence and character in Cal students. It is in his memory then that the Order holds this event where it invites a prominent member of our campus community to engage in conversation with all members of the Cal community, including students, alumni, and administrators about issues that related to campus life.