Victor Hendricks Henderson Family Endowment

Victor Hendricks Henderson is the first signature in the “Perpetual Roster” of the Order, being the first student member to sign our list of members that has endured for over 100 years. After graduation, he remained a firm servant and friend of the University for many years, serving as Secretary to the Regents from 1903-1918 and later as President Wheeler’s personal secretary.

In the 1950’s Victor’s sister, Gertrude Henderson ‘95, who became a teacher at Berkeley High School after her graduation, left a bequest in the form of a trust for her family, and stipulated that if and when the trust ran its course the residual funds should be given to the University of California, Berkeley. It appears that Gertrude led the family in determining the University as the designation for Victor’s estate, and to honor her brother, his sister indicated that if the Order of the Golden Bear was still functioning, that the distribution of the funds should involve a discussion with the Warden of the Order. The University could not have the funds unless the Warden was consulted on its use by the University.

In 2013 the Warden’s consultation resulted in a major endowment being established by the University to support students in Berkeley Connect, a program extending from the Chernin Program which began in the English Department - Charles Mills Gayley’s own department in 1900 - as well establishing an endowment for the maintenance and rehabilitation of Senior Hall - a facility used by many student groups.

There are currently two other funds in support of the Order and the legacy and preservation of Senior Hall; the Order of the Golden Bear Fund and the Senior Hall Fund. Anyone interested in supporting these funds can contact the Alumni Secretary of the Order at