Welcome to the Order of the Golden Bear Website!

Following the encouragement of President Wheeler and English Department Chair Charles Mills Gayley, a group of students led by Victor Hendricks Henderson came up with the idea for the Order of the Golden Bear and assembled the first meeting in the spring of 1900.

President Wheeler was interested in the Order because it created a forum in which student leaders could gather and discuss problems and issues of common interest. One of Wheeler’s goals as President was to refocus students to support what he called “The Greater University.” The Order, through its non-partisan discussions, was to be a mechanism for accomplishing this. The intent of the Order was and remains to be a gathering of students, faculty, staff members, and administrators in one room to engage in honest, frank, and confidential discussions about issues that relate to student life at the University.

Today, the Order continues to be a place where students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni come together for the purpose of fostering better communication within the campus community. Members of the Order, referred to as “Fellows,” are selected by the current Fellowship as they have been since 1900, and then proceed to offer selfless service to the betterment of the University through active participation in discussions of the Order.